Burping Festival In Italy: People’s Competition for Burping Shocked Netizens; Watch Full Clip Here

Burping Festival In Italy: People's Competition for Burping Shocked Netizens; Watch Full Clip Here

A while back, the loudest burp world record was set by a woman from Maryland who made the news. This accomplishment would seem nothing short of strange to many. But it appears that belching is regarded as a skill by more people than simply Guinness World Records.

A recent viral video that appeared to be a glimpse of an Italian burping festival has become popular online. It was allegedly recorded at the 2023 Ruttosound, an annual gathering in the northern Italian province of Reggio Emilia.

See this Instagram video by @ruttovibe:

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Burping Competition

The Instagram video displays enormous gatherings of people centered around a high platform. Seated on the stage are several people who appear to be contestants awaiting their turn. A man can be seen standing up and walking over to the unique microphone setup that is in front.

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Then he loudly burps into it. Behind him, a computer screen shows his name along with the duration of the burp as it measures it. The onlookers clap and chant for him as they support him. The burp in question reached 130 dB, according to the subtitles accompanying the video.

Over 5.9 million people have viewed the reel thus far.

A plethora of diverse views have exploded in the comments area. The concept of this festival intrigues certain individuals. Some would like to take part in the actual activity reports NDTV.

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