‘One Piece’ Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Is Ginny Pregnant? 

'One Piece' Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Is Ginny Pregnant? 

The “One Piece” chapter 1097 spoilers have arrived and might shock fans with major revelations. The God Valley scenes are now coming to end, but there’s still a lot to know about what’s more Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback.

We have some prior information before the major spoilers hit the internet in the coming days. As we can expect the next chapter to include information about Kuma joining the Revolutionary Army and his life with Ginny.

“One Piece” Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Kuma And Ginny’s Story

“One Piece” chapter 1097 could follow two different paths, but it is most likely to focus on both. The chapter will probably start by jumping ahead to when Kuma and Ginny are young adults living happily together in the Sorbet Kingdom.

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From here, the two may start to have romantic feelings for each other, more than just childhood friends and roommates. The story may also jump ahead in time, showing that Ginny is either pregnant with or has given birth to Jewelry Bonney.

“One Piece” Chapter 1097 Spoilers: The Incident In The Sorbet Kingdom 

“One Piece” chapter 1097 might show something bad happening in the Sorbet Kingdom. The Celestial Dragons or the Marines could cause it. Ginny will be involved in this bad thing, and she might be arrested or even killed. But this will probably only happen if Bonney has already been born.

After the tragedy in the Sorbet Kingdom, Kuma will be very sad. His friend Ivankov will return to check on him, and Kuma will tell him what happened to Ginny. Ivankov suggests that Kuma join the Revolutionary Army, and Kuma will agree. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, will personally recruit Kuma. Bonney will grow up with Kuma in the Sorbet Kingdom and on the seas with the Revolutionary Army.

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Next, the flashback will show Kuma right before he is completely changed into a Pacifista. We will see what role Saint Jaygarcia Saturn played in this final moment. The flashback will then end, and we will return to the present, where Bonney’s life is in danger on Egghead Island.

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