‘One Piece’ Chapter 1096 Spoilers: Who Is Bonney’s Mother?

'One Piece' Chapter 1096 Spoilers:  Who Is Bonney's Mother?

The latest “One Piece” chapter 1096’s spoilers have made fans go insane as they provide some of the most intriguing details in “One Piece”. The spoilers are released from authentic platforms and are supposed to be accurate. 

Chapter 1096 also shows a short interaction between Gol D. Roger and Rock’s D. Xebec. We also get to know more about Kuma’s life after his escape from the God Valley. There’s also information about Jewelry Bonney’s mother.

One Piece” Chapter 1096 Spoilers: Holy Knights Unveiled 

Monkey D. Garp was on vacation but went to God Valley after receiving a summon from Kong, the leader of the Marines. Although Garp was uncertain about the nature of the situation he decided to go as there were rumors of Gol D. Rogers presence at that location.

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Ginny, a thief, managed to acquire a Transponder Snail and used it to inform pirates ahead of time about an important gathering involving the Celestial Dragons at God Valley. This is why both the Rocks Pirates and Roger Pirates made their way to God Valley.  

According to the spoilers for “One Piece” chapter 1096 it seems that some intriguing individuals from the Holy Knights have been unveiled. Among them is a man who bears a resemblance to a prince along with an exceptionally stunning woman. 

“One Piece” Chapter 1096 Spoilers: Bonney’s mother identity revealed

In this scene we hear Roger asking Rock’s to stop his actions but Rock’s turns him down and warns Roger not to stand in his way. It’s difficult to say for sure based on the spoilers. 

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From Rock’s casual reply it seems like they might have been good friends. Hopefully when the chapter is officially released we’ll get a picture of what their conversation was about.

In chapter 1096 Kuma decides to move in with Ginny, in the Sorbet Kingdom. They find a way to make a living by cutting wood and selling it. Towards the end of the chapter there’s a scene where Kuma and Ginny share tears. 

During this moment Kuma mentions that Ginny has quite an appetite, like his friend Bonney. This revelation suggests that Ginny might actually be Bonney’s mother or Luffy’s mother as some fans had previously speculated.

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