‘Moon In The Day’ Review: Kim Young-dae, Pyo Ye-jin’s

Penthouse actor Kim Young-dae is back with another drama titled ‘Moon In The Day’.

In the world of entertainment, romantic comedies have an enduring appeal. But when you infuse the story with elements of angst and revenge, the result is an even more gripping narrative. Such is the essence of ‘Moon In The Day’, a drama that also has a touch of historical drama. Starring talents Kim Young-dae and Pyo Ye-jin, this series airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays takes its viewers on a journey through time and emotions where love and revenge collide.

The story of ‘Moon In The Day’ begins in the distant past and transports viewers to the turbulent battlefield during the fall of the Gaya Confederacy, one of the three kingdoms of Korea during the Silla Dynasty. Here we are introduced to Do Ha, a formidable warrior who deftly wields his bow and shoots an arrow that takes down General Gay. With the blood of his enemies barely dry on his armor, he proceeds to the gallows, where he forces the execution of the general’s family and sends a chilling warning to the onlookers, urging them to fall into line.

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