Ji Chang Wook’s Upcoming Crime series ‘Gangnam B-Side’ Release Date Revealed

Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming crime series titled ‘Gangnam B-Side’ is all set to release in the latter half of this year.

Storyline of ‘Gangnam B-side’

The plot centres around an amusing team of a prosecutor, a broker, and a top-tier detective who join hands to take down a Gangnam-based drug cartel.  

The drama also features Ha Yoon-kyung and Jo Woo-jin. Ji Chang Wook takes up the role of a furtive broker, whereas Jo Woo-jin will be seen portraying the role of a detective who gets demoted suddenly.

Ha Yoon Kyung, known for her performances in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and ‘Hospital Playlist’, will portray the role of a young, ambitious prosecutor. The drama also marks the reunion of Ji Chang Wook and Jo Woo-jin, who previously co-starred in ‘Hard Hit’.

Where to watch?

The drama is slated to release in the latter half of this year on Disney+

Actor Ji Chang Wook, who is a phenomenal actor, will undergo metamorphosis to portray the role of a covert broker with perfection. Chang Wook was last seen in the Netflix series ‘Welcome to Samdalri’, in the role of a weather forecaster.

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