Brittany Broski Received Backlash After The ‘Close Friends’ Clip Leak

Social media influencers have been discussing the events in the Middle East on TikTok and Instagram for the past month. Internet fans have been pushing Brittany Broski to speak out about the situation, despite the fact that many creators have been offering resources and explainer-style movies on it.

Against LGBTQIA+ Community

Following her meteoric rise to stardom on TikTok in 2019, Brittany has cemented herself as one of the app’s funniest users. Despite her primary focus on comedy, she has been a prominent ally, frequently speaking out against the marginalization of the LGBTQIA+ community and People of Color.

Many admirers had hoped she would utilize her position to address the unfolding problem, given her history of allyship.

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Members of Broski Nation flocked Brittany’s comment sections on all of her platforms as the weeks went by, imploring her to speak up. She was called “performative” and urged to “check her privilege” by several social media users after receiving a lot of criticism for her failure to denounce the violence against Palestinians.

Brittany had a similar thought on her Instagram story, “Close Friends.” Yesterday, the footage was made public after being leaked, and it has since gone viral.

Human Moment

In the opening scene of the video, Brittany talks about how “the situation in the Middle East” would be covered in a future section of her podcast, “The Broski Report.” She continues by asking why she is expected to contribute to the project as a white American creator.

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Before declaring her continuous support for “the Liberation of the Palestinian people,” Brittany acknowledges that she had “waited too long to talk about Palestine.” She also provided some background on the ‘Close Friends’ video leaks, stating that it was a “human moment” for her.

Speaking over or for others [and] spreading misinformation are two of Brittany’s concerns when she says she was “confused” about how to use her platform “properly” as a white person.

She urges her viewers to contact their government representatives and make donations to organizations that help the underprivileged as she wraps up the video.

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