Railway Official Exposes Shocking Vande Bharat Incident: Kids Forced to Sit on Food Trays

Railway Official Exposes Shocking Vande Bharat Incident: Kids Forced to Sit on Food Trays

A picture shared by a railway bureaucrat of two kids sitting on food trays in Vande Bharat Express has created a chatter among X users.

Railway bureaucrat Ananth Rupanagudi took to X to share his displeasure over the behaviour of some passengers travelling in Vande Bharat Express. He posted a strongly-worded tweet along with a picture of two kids sitting on the trays used by passengers to keep food.

The picture Rupanagudi shared shows the inside of a Vande Bharat Express. The food trays in front of two passengers are seen open, and kids are seen sitting on each of them.

“One of the main reasons for breaking of snack trays or defective snack trays in #VandeBharat and other trains! Even with photographic evidence, whiners would say that I pass on the blame only to passengers!” he wrote.

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Take a look at this tweet shared by the railway official:

The post was shared a day ago on November 22. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 3.9 lakh views. The tweet has also collected nearly 4,100 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the railway official’s tweet.

What did X users say about this post?

“Well I would say the table trays should be designed to function like baby seats in the next version of Vande Bharat,” joked an X user. “Why can’t we impose restrictions/fines on such behaviour? Including littering.

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Recently I went in a 2AC, didn’t even feel like keeping my feet down. That’s dirty. Obviously, the previous passengers littered like anything. Maybe stricter enforcement?” added another. “Fault is with parents,” expressed a third.

“A suggestion: The trays should have their carrying weight embossed – Max load on this tray: 5 kgs. (stickers or paint will get peeled off),” suggested a fourth. To which, Rupanagudi replied, “As I said, a snack tray is a snack tray and let’s keep it at that. There can be an endless discussion on design but everything has cost implications and there are 1000 such seats in every 16-coach train.” A fifth wrote, “This is unbelievable.”

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