Georgia Case Leaked Video; Judge Orders A Protective Order

Georgia Case Leaked Video; Judge Orders A Protective Order

Following releasing a video in a Georgia election interference case, a judge ordered a protective order. One of the defendants’ attorneys took The action in response to a video leak earlier this week.

Show Trial

In the Georgia election interference case, defense lawyers would need to visit the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to review the evidence after a judge renewed the protection order on Thursday.

While the trial’s judge works to prevent the jury pool from viewing excessive amounts of material before the trial, the Georgia GOP is already airing advertisements labeling the entire situation as a “show trial.”

It happened one day after defense lawyer Jonathan Miller acknowledged during a Zoom hearing that he was the one who shared the private recordings of Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and other defendants speaking with prosecutors as part of their plea agreement.

Floyed Need To Be In The Hearing

Miller told Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday, “Judge, I did release those videos to one outlet.”

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McAfee’s action forced it to issue an unusual protective order on Thursday, restricting access for the defense and preventing the release of any evidence.

According to the specific facts of this case, “the court finds the entry of a protective order concerning pretrial discovery necessary and justified,” according to McAfee’s order.

Additionally, he scheduled a hearing for defendant Harrison Floyd’s bond revocation after Willis expressed concern about his recent social media remarks.

Floyd needs to be present for the hearing. Floyd insists that he did nothing improper. Tuesday has been set aside for that hearing.

The Fulton DA filed a motion to prevent the defendants’ proffer footage from being revealed in the election case. This occurred one day after Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, two former defendants,’ proffered films were received by ABC News.

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