Chris Brown Antisemitism: Is Piru A Religion And What Does It Mean?

Chris Brown Antisemitism: Is Piru A Religion And What Does It Mean?

The singer Chris Brown has drawn criticism for referencing his history as a member of a gang in an attempt to refute accusations that he is anti-Semitic. Brown made this decision in response to criticism when a video emerged of the 34-year-old dancing at a party to Kanye West‘s song “Vultures.” The song is considered offensive by many since it seems to be mocking the Jewish community.

Is Piru Is A Muslim Or Jews Country

On Saturday, November 24, Brown first faced backlash from social media users after a video of him dancing to “Vultures” by Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West at a listening party in Dubai went viral.

People were even more incensed when Brown partied with Kanye West, who last year made antisemitic remarks and spread conspiracy theories in a number of interviews.On Sunday, November 26, as the criticism grew, Chris Brown used his Instagram account to refute claims that he is anti-Semitic by referencing his gang membership. Brown responded to criticism with what seemed to be an odd response, claiming that he is a Piru and neither a Jew or Muslim.

Social media users were left perplexed by the apparent justification, questioning whether Piru is a religion. That being said, Piru is not a religion. It is a street gang from Compton, California, that Vincent Owens and Sylvester Scott started in 1969.

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Social media users were taken aback by Chris Brown’s reaction to backlash regarding his dancing to the apparently anti-Semitic Kanye West song “Vultures”. Soon after Brown responded to the criticism by claiming that he is a Piru rather than a Muslim or Jew, social media users started making fun of the singer for likening membership in a gang to a religion.

With the growing intensity of the trolling, Chris Brown removed his first post. But the internet, never one to forget a stupid move, has been circulating screenshots of his first post in which he claimed to be Piru.

Chris Brown quickly followed up with another Instagram comment claiming he is not anti-Semitic.

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