Does Lego And Hermes Really Collaborate On Birkin Bags? Popular Photo Refuted

Does Lego And Hermes Really Collaborate On Birkin Bags? Popular Photo Refuted

After an Instagram image by @glam.tol featuring the bag made with the recognizable blocks appeared online, rumors about Lego purportedly working with Hermes Birkin went widespread. All age groups love the brand’s toys, and social media fans were thrilled to hear of the purported partnership.

Are They Generated By AI?

Lego is a Danish toy company that makes interlocking plastic bricks that people may use to build a variety of things. The claimed collaboration with Hermes is false, even though it has previously worked with companies like Marvel, Captain America, Levi’s, and even Ikea.

The Danish toy company has been in the market since 1932 and has previously partnered with numerous companies. Fans were so thrilled to discover the post that appeared online regarding what appeared to be a cooperation with Hermes. The details tricked the public into thinking the image was real, even though it was created by an AI technology.

Netizens were thrilled with the bag’s detailing, which included the classic orange color and a coin pouch. Many even expressed a desire to construct their own Birkin bag using the blocks. There was also a box of blocks in the picture with the information that it contained ninety-five pieces.

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In addition to the bag, the article featured images of additional Hermes products that were created using Lego and artificial intelligence, such as belts, shirts, heels, wallets, and more.

Had the partnership been genuine, both businesses would have released a formal statement announcing as much. In addition, it would have been covered by other trustworthy news sources as well.

But the caption that accompanied the photos said, “Hermes Lego Sets.” produced by artificial intelligence.” Additionally, Harper’s Bazaar revealed that artificial intelligence was used to create the photographs that have been going viral on the internet and that the two well-known firms are not working together.

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