Watch: Pakistani YouTuber Aliza Sehar Marries After Her Private Video Was Recently Leaked

Marries Aliza Sehar hot video

Aliza Sehar, a.k.a. the “village vlogger,” is a Pakistani YouTuber who has happily accepted a new chapter in her life. According to news reports, the social media star married Dil Muhammad in a private wedding.

Videos of Aliza’s engagement ceremony were posted on YouTube, and soon after, images from her wedding also became widely popular. Aliza’s engagement and marriage were announced not long after her purportedly private video became viral online.

Dil Muhammad Marries Aliza Sehar

With more than four lakh Instagram followers and 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, Aliza Sehar is well-known for capturing the genuineness and simplicity of rural Pakistani life. Even with her recent privacy crisis, the social media star has maintained her wedding secrets up to now.

The first images from her D-day have now surfaced, with the rural vlogger signing her “nikahnama” in a close-knit ceremony. Dil Muhammad, Aliza’s spouse, is reportedly originally from Pakistan but now resides overseas. Several images and videos from her nuptials appeared on Instagram.

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On November 15, 2023, Aliza Sehar held her engagement ceremony, which she posted glimpses of on her YouTube page. She wore a white self-embossed sharara ensemble, minimal makeup, and a lace dupatta, and she looked stunning for the engagement.

She wore a green sharara ensemble and a red lehenga for the wedding. As soon as the video and images appeared on social media, her admirers and followers congratulated her. Filmibeat would also want to congratulate Aliza and Dil on starting a wonderful adventure together.

Aliza Sehar was detained following the wedding, according to certain Pakistani media outlets, for allegedly displaying a firearm.

Police intervened after a video of her and her spouse brandishing firearms went viral. However, they were freed after presenting legitimate gun licenses.

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