Gigi Hadid Condemns Blanket Labeling of Palestinians: ‘Evil & Disturbing’ Critique

Gigi Hadid Condemns Blanket Labeling of Palestinians: 'Evil & Disturbing' Critique

Gigi recently spoke out on Instagram, criticizing the labeling of Palestinians as terrorists and the silencing of dissenting voices in Israel.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently broke her silence on Instagram, updating a long note on the “evil and disturbing” narrative being presented amid the Israel-Palestine war. Many celebrities have voiced feelings of solidarity and support for either Israel or Palestine. However, Gigi has continuously supported Palestine, as has her younger sister, model Bella Hadid. On November 25, the supermodel updated her Instagram profile with yet another explosive statement.

Gigi Hadid denounces Israel’s “self-hating” label for pro-Palestine Jews

“Israel silences dissent by labeling Palestinians, supporters as terrorists”- Hadid
Taking to her social media story, the 28 years old wrote “Israel sees any Palestinian as a “terrorist,” Any person supporting Palestinian rights as an “antisemite,” and any Jew that is opposed to the government’s actions as “self-hating,”

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Stressing on the one-sided narrative of the war, the celebrity further added, “even telling them to denounce their Judaism. So… everyone’s lying and wrong, except Israel?!! If it wasn’t so evil & disturbing, it would be comedic.”

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For those who don’t know, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid are closely related to Palestine. Her father, Mohamed Anwar Hadid, was born in 1948 into a Palestinian Muslim household. Meanwhile, Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Foster, is a former supermodel and reality TV personality.

In the past few months, many Hollywood celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Barbara Streisand, Jerry Seinfeld, Selma Blair, Natalie Portman, Justin Bieber, Gal Gadot, Josh Gad have spoken on the burning issue. Many of them were even canceled for making damaging remarks against other communities.

Are Gigi and Bella Hadid Palestinians?

Being half-Palestinian and half-Dutch, Gigi and Bella have similar ancestry. Bella’s original name is Isabella Khairiah Hadid, and Gigi’s is Jelena Noura Hadid. The war reportedly forced Gigi’s father and his parents to leave Palestine in 1947 and 1949. Anwar Hadid, Gigi’s father, expressed his unease about the family residing “under the Israeli occupation.” earlier.

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The statement dates back to 2015, when he opened up about the situation and penned down an emotional note stating, “I was only about 18 months old. After we were expelled from our beloved #Palestine into the Syrian refugee camps .. My dad got a brief job at the University of Damascus in #Syria .. This were our family pictures for a Palestinian Refugee Card. The Hadid Family”.

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