São Paulo Swift Concert Breaks Records Amid Lingering Grief

São Paulo Swift Concert Breaks Records Amid Lingering Grief

“I’ve never heard an audience sing “marjorie” as loudly as they do today.” Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour sets new attendance milestone in São Paulo.

Despite grappling with the loss of a beloved fan, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour extended its remarkable streak of achievements, drawing the largest crowd ever assembled at Allianz Parque stadium in São Paulo, Brazil. The news broke out on November 24. After a delayed start due to the soaring temperatures, Taylor Swift eventually launched into the next leg of her concert in the arena.

Taylor Swift’s São Paulo show makes history with record-breaking crowd

The crowd was incredibly energetic, and the atmosphere in the stadium was amazing. One can see the massive ferris wheel in Latin America honoring Taylor Swift with its enormous LED lights. Nevertheless, despite the excitement, some fans claimed that Taylor’s vocals could hardly be heard over the loud, enthusiastic crowd.

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I thought it was going to be for the first song or two but you just kept going., I’ve never heard an audience sing “marjorie” as loudly as they do today.” — Taylor Swift to São Paulo.

Taylor Swift honors Sabrina Carpenter in the speech

While interacting with Swifties on stage, Taylor said, “We have the best possible opening act on this tour and she absolutely played her heart out for you, so will you give it up again for the brilliant, beautiful, and fantastic Sabrina Carpenter.”

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Many took to the internet to share a glimpse of the concert. A fan wrote, “I DON’T KNOW HOW IT GETS BETTER THAN THIS”, while others said, “This interaction she had with some swifties during Long Live is SO WHOLESOME”, and “crowd is so loud you can barely hear Taylor”.

Taylor Swift still recovering from a fan’s death

The “Lover” singer’s achievement came when she was healing and mourning the loss of her fan, Ana Clara Benevides Machado. Tragically, Ana Clara passed away after falling ill during Taylor Swift’s concert, a casualty of the extreme heat wave.

The incident thus resulted in the postponement and cancellation of performances in Brazil. One week following Ana Clara Benevides Machado’s passing, Taylor Swift recently contacted her family via her team. Later, it was revealed that Taylor asked her team to be in touch with the deceased’s family.

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