Bad Reviews Fail to Derail ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ Streaming Success

Bad Reviews Fail to Derail ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ Streaming Success

“Best. Christmas. Ever!” has officially surpassed all its negative responses from critics to becoming a super hit movie. It was released on November 16 and its plot is quite cliched. 

The movie is about two friends who became enemies but come together for holidays and they are filled by a twist. Lead actors of this movie are Heather Graham who is known for Boogie Nights and popular singer Brandy Norwood. 

How Is ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ Being Received By The Public?

Despite receiving reviews, from both critics and viewers, the Christmas romantic comedy “”Best. Christmas. Ever!”” has managed to gain popularity on Netflix. 

Within its week of release it was viewed by 16.3 million users and garnered a total of 22.3 million hours of views. As a result it secured the spot among the popular movies on Netflix that week just behind “The Killer ”.

Criticisms Of ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ Movie 

Critics and viewers don’t seem to be enjoying Best Christmas even though it’s listed in Netflixs 10. The movie has received 15 reviews, on Rotten Tomatoes. Unfortunately most of them are negative resulting in a 33% rating.

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Some critics have pointed out the irony in the film’s title. For instance Natasha Alvar from Cultured Vultures claims that it is “one of the worst Christmas movies.”

According to Coleman Spilde, from The Daily Beast, “Best. Christmas. Ever!” doesn’t meet the standards set by other holiday films produced by the streaming service.

Not many people were fond of “Best. Christmas. Ever!” The movie received a rating from 50 viewers, on Rotten Tomatoes indicating that the majority of them didn’t enjoy it. In fact 15% of the audience who watched the film actually liked it.

Compared to other Christmas movies on Netflix, “Best. Christmas. Ever!” falls below expectations, in terms of quality and enjoyment.

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