‘Starfish’ Movie Weview: Milind Soman’s Voyage Loses Its Way

'Starfish' Movie Weview: Milind Soman's Voyage Loses Its Way

“Starfish”, a film adaptation of Bina Nayak’s book “Starfish” Pickle, might not be the pick for those seeking a captivating cinematic journey. The movie aims to delve into the realm of emotions. Unfortunately, it falls short due to its convoluted storyline, choppy editing that lacks cohesion, and a sluggish and unengaging screenplay.

‘Starfish’ movie review: Things that went wrong

The movie starts off well, introducing us to Tara, a diver struggling with her past. But the story gets choppy and hard to follow because of weird editing. The first part of the movie gives us a glimpse into Tara’s life, but then it keeps getting interrupted by strange cuts that make it hard to care about what’s happening.

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The movie loses its flow and becomes hard to watch. The story tries to get back on track, but it’s like swimming against a strong current. The choppy editing and the confusing story ruin Jim Edgar’s beautiful underwater shots. The underwater scenes, which should have been the best part of the movie, are not as enjoyable because of these problems.

How does the ‘Starfish’ movie miss its core storyline?

The film’s examination of Tara’s life as a diver and her battle with PTSD is hampered by a screenplay that seems to meander from the theme of the story, despite the captivating scenes of Malta. 

What could have been strong elements—the tensions between letting go and facing the hurts of the past, feeling weak and have no lasting effect.

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The movie’s disjointed storyline, careless editing, and screenplay hamper Khushalii Kumar’s excellent performance and make the film feel like a missed opportunity.

Instead of flowing deep into emotional waters, the film’s cinematic journey becomes bumpy, leaving viewers struggling with the torrential currents of the narrative.

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