Eligible for a $1,300 Check? Here’s How to Claim Your Share of $18 Billion

$18 Billion Bonanza: Americans Can Claim One-Time $1,300 Payments

If you live in Minnesota and haven’t received your $1,300 check yet, you should check your mailbox soon. The state has sent about 150,000 checks to eligible residents who filed their taxes on time, but many still need to be cashed.

The checks are part of a $18 million overage that the state collected from taxpayers in 2020. The state decided to return the money to the people who paid more than they owed to provide some relief during the pandemic.

The checks were mailed out between August 16 and September 27, but they have a 60-day expiration date. That means some of them will expire by the end of this month, and the rest will expire by the end of November.

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If you miss the deadline, don’t worry. The state will reissue the checks to those who did not cash them in time. The reissued checks will be mailed out in mid-November and the first week of December. However, you might have to wait longer to receive your money.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR) is trying to reach out to those who have not cashed their checks yet. They are sending letters, emails, and phone calls to remind them of the opportunity. You can also check the status of your check online at the MDR website.

For those who missed the first check, reissued checks will be sent out mid-November and the first week of December.

The MDR has said they will attempt to contact people who do not cash in their checks.

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Here are the steps you can take to claim your check:

  1. Check your mailbox for the check.
  2. If you do not receive the check, contact the MDR at 651-556-3000 or 1-800-657-3666 (toll-free).
  3. Be prepared to provide your name, address, and Social Security number.
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