Strong Girl Nam-soon: A look At Possibilities For Ending And Renewal

'Strong Girl Namsoon' Episode 14 Recap & Spoilers: Byeon Woo-Seok discovers Lee Yoo Mi’s identity

Strong Girl Nam-soon concluded on November 26 with a bittersweet finale that caused fans of K-dramas to have differing viewpoints. While some were happy with the resolution, others believed that, given their past and character growth, the adversary should have had a better conclusion.

What The Story Conclude?

With Kim Jung-eun and Kim Hae-sook portraying Nam-soon’s mother and grandmother, Hwang Geum-ju and Gil Joong-gan, respectively, Lee Yoo-mi played the part of Gang Nam-soon.In Strong Girl Nam-soon, Ong Seong-wu played the romantic interest of Nam-soon, Kang Hee-sik, while Byeon Woo-seok played the antagonist Ryu Si-O.

In Strong Girl Nam-soon, Ryu Si-O meets a tragic end while Nam-soon and Hee-sik are getting ready for their wedding. At the same time, Ryu Si-O is seen interacting with his trusted friend Binbin, who was there on a mission to kill Ryu Si-O.

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The dejected and alone Ryu Si-O reveals that he has already been betrayed twice and does not want to add another name to it: his parents abandoned him, Nam-soon, the only woman he has ever loved, betrayed him, and now he doesn’t want BinBin to kill him too. Kang-sik and Nam-soon discuss how Ryu Si-O would have led a normal life if he had been raised in a healthy family, and the latter claims he only needed one person to live.

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