Donald Trump Releases New NFT Collection Featuring His Mugshot at

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Former President Donald Trump has launched a new collection of digital trading cards, dubbed the “Mugshot Edition.” The new edition follows the success of his previous NFT trading card releases and incorporates a unique twist: for a limited time, buyers can get a piece of the suit Trump wore for his mugshot photo and an invitation to a gala dinner at his Mar-a-Lago home.

The “Mugshot Edition” cards are available on the website for $99 each. 100,000 cards have been released, and 2,024 additional limited-edition physical cards are available for those who purchase 47 or more cards in one transaction. These physical cards feature Trump’s mugshot, a piece of the suit he wore for the photo, and 25 of them will even be hand-signed by the former president himself.

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The release of the “Mugshot Edition” cards comes after Trump’s mugshot photo sparked a surge in sales for his existing digital cards. In August, when the photo was released, sales of Trump’s NFTs increased by 426% within 24 hours. This suggests that there is a strong market for Trump-themed memorabilia, even if it’s associated with his legal troubles.

The decision to include pieces of Trump’s mugshot suit in the limited-edition physical cards is sure to be controversial. Some people may see it as a tasteless attempt to capitalize on the former president’s legal troubles, while others may view it as a unique and valuable collector’s item. Regardless of the interpretation, there is no doubt that these cards will be highly sought-after by Trump supporters.

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Including invitations to a gala dinner at Mar-a-Lago is another way for Trump to generate excitement and interest in his NFT collection. This exclusive event will allow supporters to meet the former president in person and hear him speak. It’s also likely to generate a lot of media attention, further boosting the popularity of Trump’s NFTs.

Overall, the launch of the “Mugshot Edition” digital trading cards is a smart move by Donald Trump. It capitalizes on the existing popularity of his NFTs while offering something new and unique to collectors. It will be interesting to see how these cards perform in the market and whether they lead to further NFT releases from the former president.

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