Solar Eclipse on March 9, 2016: All You Need To Know

solar eclipse 2016

People in South Asia, East Asia, and Australia will witness a complete solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) on coming Wednesday, March 09, 2016.

On this day, the moon will move between the Earth and sun which will cast a shadow on the people of this planet. The last solar eclipse of this much significance occurred on 11 August 1999. During that day, 100% of the sun was covered when observed from Cornwall.

Experts believe that a partial phase of this Solar Eclipse will be visible in India just after sunrise and will stretch to other parts of the nation in the coming hours.

solar eclipse 2016

A source from Ministry of Earth Science claims that the trigger of partial phase of the eclipse will take place just moments after sunrise from extreme northeast India. Check out all the information here.

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As we move towards the east of the country, we will experience the solar eclipse for more than one and half hours, and this prolonged visibility will be high in Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well.

It is believed that the solar eclipse will begin by 05:47 AM IST, and will be experienced till 09:08 AM IST. The partial eclipse will end at 10:05 AM IST.

Many religions interpret Solar Eclipse in different manners. People of ancient Greece believed that solar eclipse is a sign of God’s anger, and it is an evil omen which will bring about drastic results in the life of people.

Many other people think that pregnant women should stay in interiors during the time of solar eclipse.

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Hindu followers believe that Rahu and Ketu, the serpent demons are considered to be the primary causes of eclipses as they will swallow the sun to suck away the light that gives life.

In India, people used to starve during the time of solar eclipse, and give away any food that lay uneaten.

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