Secrets to Tip Your Amazon Driver $5 Without Spending a Dime

Secrets to Tip Your Amazon Driver $5 Without Spending a Dime

Sending and receiving gifts has become one of the major features of the holiday season. Therefore, in the run-up to the holidays, the workload for e-commerce and parcel delivery companies, like Amazon, has been increasing more and more year after year.

According to official figures from the United States Postal Service (USPS), during the Christmas season last year, more than 11.7 billion packages were sent, not counting shipments from private companies, only in the United States alone.

In an attempt to thank delivery drivers for their hard work, Amazon has launched an initiative to offer some tips on behalf of the company, that is, customers and/or users of the platform will not have to shell out their money for this simple, but significant action. According to the company’s official statement, the amount of the tip for delivery people was set at $5 dollars.

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This is how you can tip your Amazon delivery driver $5 at Amazon’s expense

Amazon began letting customers give monetary gratitude to their delivery driver on the company’s dime once again this year starting 12 December, setting aside $10 million in tips, thus only available to the first two million customers who claim the tip for their delivery person. That limit was met just two days later with the financial rewards ceasing 14 December, but you can still use the program to show the most recent driver that dropped of a package your appreciation.

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While Amazon won’t fork out anymore in tips this year, the company will pass on your “thanks” for bringing you your order. As well, keep the program in mind to be ready next year should the ecommerce retailer set aside funds to tip drivers yet again.

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