Telugu movie ‘Devil’ Review – Kalyan Ram, Samyuktha Menon Shine in Gripping Supernatural Thriller

Telugu movie 'Devil' Review: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

“Devil – The British Secret Agent” Telugu movie was released in theatres on December 29, 2023 in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada.

‘ Devil’ Cast:

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram plays the titular role of the devilish British secret agent. He’s a Telugu film star known for action and drama roles.

Telugu movie 'Devil' Review: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

Samyuktha Menon takes on the role of the female lead. She’s also a well-known Telugu actress known for her diverse portfolio.

Elnaaz Norouzi and Mark Bennington appear in supporting roles. Norouzi is an Iranian-Indian actress, while Bennington is a British actor.

Logline: A charming but ruthless British spy with a mysterious past must confront a deadly conspiracy that threatens both his country and his own hidden identity.


Arthur “Devil” Blake is the crown jewel of MI6. Smooth, sophisticated, and lethally efficient, he can disarm a bomb with one hand and seduce a femme fatale with the other. But behind the suave facade lies a haunted past shrouded in classified files. When a series of high-profile assassinations rocks London, Devil is pulled into a tangled web of deceit that reaches the highest echelons of British power.

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His investigation leads him to a shadowy organization known as “The Raven,” rumored to be manipulating world events from the shadows. As Devil delves deeper, he uncovers a shocking truth: The Raven is led by someone with an intimate connection to his own past, forcing him to confront demons he thought he’d buried forever.

With the fate of the nation hanging in the balance, Devil must navigate a treacherous path of double agents, deadly traps, and his own inner demons. He must use his cunning, his charm, and his hidden skills to outsmart his enemies, protect his country, and unravel the secrets that could destroy him.

The film features hauntingly beautiful music by Harshavardhan Rameshawar, that perfectly complements the film’s dark atmosphere.

Soundar Rajan’s masterful cinematography captures the unsettling essence of the story, while Tammiraju’s editing keeps the pace taut and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

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Produced by Abhishek Nama under the Abhishek Pictures banner, “Devil” promises to be a gripping cinematic experience.

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