Watch Crowd Grooves to Pakistan Pacer Hasan Ali’s Dance Moves at Boxing Day Test

Cricket Goes Viral: Hasan Ali's Infectious Rhythm Takes Over Boxing Day Crowd

The Boxing Day Test between Australia and Pakistan is always a highlight of the cricketing calendar, but Day 3 of the 2023 edition will be remembered for more than just on-field heroics. It was a day when boundaries blurred, and a Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali became an unlikely dance instructor for the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) crowd.

Hasan Ali, the Entertainer

Hasan Ali, known for his passionate celebrations and infectious enthusiasm, was stationed at the boundary during Australia’s second innings.

As the tension built on the field, Ali decided to add a touch of levity to the proceedings. He started stretching, but not in the usual cricketing way. He incorporated some playful dance moves, arms swaying and hips shaking, all with a mischievous grin on his face.

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The MCG Responds

The MCG crowd, always up for a bit of fun, didn’t miss a beat. As if choreographed, they started mirroring Ali’s moves. Soon, the entire stand was swaying and stomping, a sea of green and gold bodies pulsating to the beat of an invisible drum. Laughter filled the air, drowning out the commentary and momentarily eclipsing the on-field action.

A Video Goes Viral

The heartwarming moment was captured on video and quickly went viral. Cricket Australia shared the clip on their social media channels, and it garnered millions of views within hours. Fans all over the world were charmed by Ali’s lightheartedness and the MCG crowd’s enthusiastic response.

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