2024 TANF Benefits – January Payment Schedule, Know When to Expect Yours

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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a program that provides financial assistance and related support services to low-income families with children.

State-administered programs often include childcare assistance, job preparation, and work assistance.

The primary purpose of TANF is to achieve several objectives, which include providing assistance to needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes or with relatives.

It also aims to reduce the dependence of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation, work, and marriage.

TANF strives to prevent and decrease the occurrence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

Warrant recipients receive a paper check in the mail on the first working day of the month after authorization and issuance.

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Meanwhile, monthly deposits are made to the client’s bank account on the first banking day of the month, or within three banking days for daily issuance.

A successful pre-note is required before direct deposit can be used. The EBT card has restrictions, and clients should avoid sharing their PIN or saving it with their card.

How long can most recipients receive TANF payments?

To apply for TANF benefits, individuals usually need to complete an application form, provide necessary documentation, and participate in an interview with a caseworker to determine eligibility.

While states can set their own time limit policies, they cannot provide cash assistance from federal TANF funds for longer than 60 months to a family that includes an adult recipient; however, states can exceed the 60-month limit for up to 20 percent of families based on hardship.

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Federal law does not impose a time limit on “child-only families” (those with no adult receiving benefits) or on families receiving assistance funded entirely with state MOE funds.

Most states have set lifetime limits of five years on TANF and MOE-funded assistance, though lifetime limits in 12 states are shorter.

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