MS Dhoni tells fan ‘Go to Pakistan’, Video Goes viral on Social media

MS Dhoni tells fan ‘Go to Pakistan’

Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has been making headlines for his witty remarks and humorous interactions with fans. Recently, a video of him telling a man to ‘go to Pakistan’ has gone viral on social media. However, before anyone jumps to conclusions, let us explain the context behind this statement.

The video was taken during a promotional event for Chennai Super Kings, the IPL team that Dhoni leads. In the video, Dhoni can be seen signing autographs and posing for selfies with his fans. One of them asks him to say something in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. Dhoni replies, “Main kuch nahi bolunga, tum Pakistan chale jao (I won’t say anything, you go to Pakistan).”

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The crowd bursts into laughter as Dhoni says this in a light-hearted manner. The man who asked the question also smiles and says, “No, no, I am from India only.” Dhoni then says, “Toh Urdu kyun bol rahe ho? (Then why are you speaking Urdu?)” and continues to interact with other fans.

The video has been shared widely on Twitter and Instagram, with many praising Dhoni for his sense of humour and quick wit. Some also commented that Dhoni’s remark was not meant to offend anyone, but was just a friendly banter. Others pointed out that Dhoni has a good rapport with Pakistani cricketers and has often spoken highly of them.

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