Orhan Awatramani on Fallout with Palak Tiwari: Unveiling the Untold Apology

Orhan Awatramani on Fallout with Palak Tiwari: Unveiling the Untold Apology

The drama between TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter, actor Palak Tiwari and internet personality and socialite Orry (Orhan Awatramani) has intensified in a matter of a few hours. The controversy between the two of them unfolded after a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat between Palak and Orry went viral on Tuesday. Here she was seen apologising to him, but Orry responded with the emoji of middle finger.

He also shared a screenshot of their WhatsApp conversation on Instagram Stories, but later pulled it down. The chat included Palak’s apology and involved Sara Ali Khan’s name too. Orry was called out on social media for his arrogance after he made the chat public.

What orry said

Reacting to the flak he’s been receiving after his chat with Palak went viral, Orry took to Reddit to respond to a query about what actually happened between him and Palak.

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He wrote, “Why is no one asking what she’s apologizing for …? Think about it? Youl r (You’ll are) grilling me for not happily accepting her apology? But she’s obviously apologizing for smth (something) she did that was wrong.. wrong enough that a 3rd party had to get involved and make her see it correctly.”

He added, “Do you think 1) she would apologize 2) I would story it like that 3) others would tell her to apologize. If she was not very very very wrong in some action and crossed a line? I have friends in all departments. pls check my friend list it goes beyond the young generation actors.. and I have never ever behaved like this because I have never heard such nonsense from someone before.”

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Palak’s apology to Orry

Palak’s apology comes at a time when reports of her dating Ibrahim Ali Khan are making the rounds after they were spotted ringing in the new year together. Ibrahim is Sara Ali Khan’s brother. Sara and Orry have been good friends as they studied together in the UK, the two also hang out together often.

The viral chat between Palak and Orry read: “Orry, Palak here. If it’s an apology you want,” Palak messaged, to which Orry responded to her with a third-finger emoticon. Palak then wrote, “Out of respect for Sara. I’m saying it.” To this, Orry replied, “No, babe, I’m sorry. Either you apologize out of self-respect. Cause you don’t know how to talk.” Palak’s next message read, “I’ve said my apology.”

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While Orry has shared his side of the story, Palak has stayed quiet and is yet to give a clarification.

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