‘Who is this Woman?!’ – Orry’s Response To Suchitra Krishnamoorthy’s ‘Orry Culture’ Remark

Orry's Response: Unveiling Suchitra Krishnamoorthy's 'Orry Culture' - His Reaction Revealed

Suchitra Krishnamurthy’s comment on calling the culture of giving attention to extravagance dangerous has not gone down well with Orry.

Orry Awatramani is the paparazzi’s favourite and is close friends with all the star kids. But no one really knows what makes him so popular. However, recent comments about him by singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, terming his lifestyle as ‘dangerous’, haven’t gone down well with the socialite.

Suchitra, in a long post on X, recalled conversations with her friends, which included the focus on the need amongst youngsters to get attention. She called it “Orry culture“, referring to his growing popularity.

Orry, however, did not take this lightly and posted a screengrab of a news item on this. He wrote, “!?!? And what even is Orry culture!!??? What is going on!!?? And why does she keep talking about me!!!?? I am so confusion rn. I have never met her. And why is something someone one’s friend saying making headlines?!!!!?? These are the questions that haunt me and keep me awake at night!!!”

Look at the Twitter Post

In her Twitter post, Suchitra ended the note by writing, “And of how irresponsible our mainstream media has also become, that propagates this flamboyant extravagance circus (all paid of course) where they chose to highlight the price of an Isha Ambani or alia bhats dress rather than the achievements of an olympian or social worker or even a self-made hard-working entrepreneur. Its a ticketed zoo. The more the bling, the higher the footfalls. Merit be damned.”

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She added, “We need a social cultural and economic mindset reset. That can only be driven by media. A media that we are all an equal part of…that we are responsible for… Wish u all a fabulous 2024…”

Check out Suchitra Krishnamoorthy’s X post –

Orry came into the limelight after he was seen with star kids several times. Recently, he also became a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 17.

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