Cobo Argus 2023 Review and 2024 Plans – Impressive Growth and Strategic Roadmap Unveiled

Cobo Argus 2023 Review and 2024 Plans:

A Year of Unprecedented Growth

Cobo Argus, a digital asset custody provider, has recorded an astounding 874% rise in the total value locked (TVL) of its institutional-grade on-chain digital asset management solution, rising from $24.42 million to $240 million in only one year. The platform’s exceptional security, workflow, and risk management have garnered notable recognition from DeFi, leading to an impressive achievement.

Cobo 2024 Roadmap: Expanding Horizons

As far as the future is concerned, Cobo Argus has disclosed a bold plan. To strengthen its position in the Blockchain ecosystem, cobo is committed to integrating more public chains. Its partnership with Cobo Custody guarantees seamless cross-platform functionality, resulting in an unparalleled user experience.The main features include the introduction of a robotic application development platform and a robot market that will empower DeFi teams and users even more with better automation technologies.

Technological Advancements and Partnerships

Cobo Argus has targeted not only growth but also technological advancements. The platform is now open to any of the open-source DeFi protocols which gives more room for role delegation and transaction authorization while also reducing gas usage. In a strategic move to guarantee that its bots are always doing swaps at the best market prices, thereby reducing slippage and enhancing the entire trading experience Cobo Argus has partnered with ParaSwap, one of the leading platforms now available for all open-source DeFi protocols. This allows for better delegation of roles and authorization of transactions, while also reducing the usage of gas. In a smart move to ensure that its bots always perform swaps at the best market prices, thereby reducing slippage and improving the overall trading experience.

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Cobo Argus has proven its remarkable growth trajectory and unwavering commitment to innovation and user empowerment. They now offers dependable pricing data with Chainlink integration. This is crucial for quick and secure withdrawals in case of token dependency. With over 500 institutional clients, Cobo Argus upholds high standards of compliance, security, and accessibility.


Cobo Argus aims to change the standards of digital asset management, with a well-defined vision for 2024 under its belt.