Dragon Ladies Unleashed – An Erotic Calendar that Empowers Asian Women in 2024

An Erotic Calendar that Empowers Asian Women in 2024
Reclaiming the Dragon: A Sensual and Subversive Calendar of Asian Women for the Lunar New Year

The year of the dragon is coming, and a group of Asian women artists has created a provocative calendar that celebrates their sexuality and challenges the harmful stereotypes of the “dragon lady.”

The calendar, titled “Erotic Year of the Dragon 2024”, features 12 original artworks that depict Asian women in various states of undress, posing with dragons or embodying them. The project is a collaboration between the Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA) and the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).

Check out the complete calender here.

Erotic Year of the Dragon 2024

The “dragon lady” is a term that has been used to describe Asian women who are seen as exotic, seductive, manipulative, or dangerous. It is often associated with characters such as Madame Butterfly, Anna May Wong, or Lucy Liu’s role in Kill Bill.

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“I’ve always been interested in gender, stereotypes and questioning the norms we’ve been told are true,” Leese says of the selection. “I’m curious: what are these boxes? What makes them true? How do we push up against them and dismantle them?

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“Every culture has its beauty standards which are ever-changing, but even the West has quite narrow views of what’s beautiful.” Quoted The China Morning Post.

The calendar features artworks by 12 different artists, each with their style and vision. Some paintings are playful, such as “Dragon Fruit” by Christine Wong Yap, which shows a woman biting into a juicy dragon fruit while a dragon tattoo wraps around her arm.

‘Dragon’s Breath’

Some are sensual, such as “Dragon’s Breath” by Cynthia Tom, which shows a woman exhaling a stream of fire while embracing a dragon. Some are mystical, such as “Dragon Dreaming” by Shari Arai DeBoer, which offers a woman sleeping on a bed of clouds while a dragon flies over her.

Dragon Ladies Unleashed: An Erotic Calendar that Empowers Asian Women in 2024

The artworks also reflect the diversity of Asian women’s identities and experiences, such as their ethnicity, sexuality, age, or disability.

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The calendar is more than just a collection of erotic images. It is also a statement of resistance and solidarity among Asian women artists, who have faced discrimination and marginalization in the art world and society at large.

The “Erotic Year of the Dragon 2024” calendar is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter. IT has a limited edition of 500 copies, each signed by one of the artists. The calendar is a beautiful and unique gift for yourself or your loved ones and a way to support Asian women artists and their voices.

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