Anjali Arora Sex Video Scandal; Actress serves legal notice to media portals

Anjali Arora hot mms video

Anjali Arora, a famous social media influencer and personality, has been in the news lately for taking legal action against some news portals and YouTube channels that spread a fake MMS video of her.

According to the reports, Anjali Arora filed a defamation case against several media platforms, claiming that they ruined her reputation by sharing the manipulated video.

According to her lawyer, Anjali Arora has sent a legal notice to several media houses for defaming her and spreading lies about her personal and professional life. She has demanded an apology and a retraction of the stories within 15 days, or else she will take legal action against them.

Watch the video here

The whole mess started in August 2022 when a video showing a woman in a compromising situation went viral. Things got worse when some portals claimed the woman in the video was Anjali Arora. Anjali couldn’t file a complaint at that time for various reasons.

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