Sizzling Scooter Serenade Sparks Social Media Storm: Mumbai Couple’s PDA Goes Viral

Sizzling Scooter Serenade Sparks Social Media Storm: Mumbai Couple's PDA Goes Viral

A viral video shared by Bandra Buzz on X has angered people as it captures a Mumbai couple performing a daring stunt on their scooter. The footage, which has rapidly circulated online, depicts the couple engaging in a public display of affection (PDA) while maneuvering through the crowded streets of Bandra Reclamation Road.

In the video, the couple is seen in a close embrace, with the woman seated in an inverse position on her partner’s lap, both partially concealed under a shawl. This display of intimacy in a moving vehicle not only defies societal norms but also raises significant concerns about road safety, particularly as neither of them is wearing a helmet.

Look at the internet reactions

One netizen commented, “Police Must take action on them….it is dangerous for all who was on road….it should be condemned..” Another asked, “What action has been taken against the love birds? @CPMumbaiPolice @mumbaimatterz @MumbaiPolice.” A third person demanded, “Strict legal action should be taken….”

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“Allow them to savor the journey, and consider implementing a law, rather than just a rule, stipulating that injuries to themselves won’t be justified. However, if their actions lead to injuries for others, these riders should be responsible for compensation,” opined one netizen.

While the video was not taken lightly, there were a few who decided to pass humourous comments. One captioned the clip, “The heat is on.”

It is important to note that many such incidents have been reported from several parts of the country in the past.

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