Anjali Arora Investigates Morphed Video, Initiates Legal Action for Tarnishing Image

Anjali Arora Investigates Morphed Video, Prepares Legal Action for Image Tarnishing

Social media star Anjali Arora, who was featured in the first season of Lock Upp, had to undergo a lot of trouble and mental trauma as a morphed explicit video of her was leaked a few years back.

This had a massive negative impact on her mental health, her family, friends and her career. The morphed video also cost Anjali the opportunity to feature in a number of movies and web series. Overall, the video had an irreversible impact on her life.

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Anjali was shattered when she got to know about the video and faced depression for a long period of time. Now, with the help of her closed ones, Anjali had knocked on the legal doors, but the fir couldn’t be filed unless it was proved that the video was morphed.

Finally, an FIR is filed against the alleged MMS video and the unknown person behind this hideous crime is still on the run. The investigation is going on and is supposed to reach a successful conclusion soon. As per sources Ndtv, Anjali is also planning to file a defamation case against the publications, and YouTube influencers who had broadcasted and circulated this news and directly or indirectly played a role in tarnishing her image against false and unsure evidence.

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Recently, Anjali Arora was seen talking about the negative effects and impacts of artificial intelligence if used in the wrong way. She also took a stand for other girls who have become victims of artificial intelligence and gave them the confidence to raise their voices against the same.

She also voiced her concerns about the negative impacts of the situation on her career and how she plans to fight back and stay strong during such difficult situations. An FIR is filed against the culprit, thus the case moves a step closer to its conclusion.

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