Watch: Female Fan Kisses Bobby Deol in public on his 55th birthday, Netizens Angry

Female Fan Kisses Bobby Deol in public

Mumbai, January 28th: Bobby Deol’s 55th birthday celebrations took an unexpected turn when a female fan surprised him with a kiss on the cheek while posing for a selfie. The incident, captured on video, quickly went viral on social media, sparking a heated debate and accusations of hypocrisy.

Female Fan Kisses Bobby Deol in public on his birhtday

Footage of the encounter shows Deol warmly interacting with a gathering of fans outside his residence. As he takes a selfie with the fan in question, she unexpectedly plants a kiss on his cheek, leaving him visibly surprised. While some online commenters found the gesture humorous, others were quick to condemn it as inappropriate and disrespectful of boundaries.

Several harsh comments surfaced, urging for the fan’s “arrest” and drawing comparisons to hypothetical scenarios involving actresses receiving similar advances from male fans. “She Should be jailed” One wrote, while the other one said, “It should have been the other way round!”.

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Some other comments were like, “Educated ho ke bhi loog aisi harkate karte hai….”

The hashtag “#respectbobbydeol” gained traction, highlighting concerns about fans overstepping boundaries and the need for mutual respect between celebrities and their admirers.

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