Watch: Jenna Ortega’s Leaked Kissing Scene from ‘Miller’s Girl’ Goes Viral

Jenna Ortega's Intimate Scene Leaks: 'Miller's Girl' Goes Viral

Jenna Ortega’s intimate kiss scene from her new film, “Miller’s Girl,” has gone viral online. The actress, who is best known for playing the role of Wednesday Addams on Wednesday, appeared in a new film with Gideon Adlon and Martin Freeman. The film is being talked about for its bold scenes, especially the one in which Jenna is seen making out with Gideon.

In a video leaked on social media platforms, Jenna and Gideon are seen talking about a boy, during which Jenna’s character offers to make out with Gideon’s character.

The intimate scene has left everyone in shock, especially considering Jenna’s previous on-screen roles and appearance. The 21-year-old has undoubtedly pushed the envelope with this film. According to News18 Speaking about working with Jenna in “Miller’s Girl,” Jade Halley Bartlett told Screen Rant that the actress is a hoot to work with.

More about ‘Millers girl’

“She is from the desert. I’m from Tennessee, but we both have these very similar Gothic proclivities. And she said things to me about the character that I had never vocalized aloud. It’s like she climbed inside of my head and said those things. So, it was almost like kismet.

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“People talk about the wedding dress thing, and I’m like, “That’s not real.” It is real. I was like, “Oh, you’re the right wedding dress. Yes, it has to be you.” And she’s extraordinary. She’s so terrifying in a good way,” Jade shared with the international publication.

For the uninitiated, “Miller’s Girl” revolves around an aspiring writer who is off to a creative writing assignment assigned by her teacher (Martin). During the course, the teacher and student uncover their darkest sides.

The film has grabbed eyeballs for the student-teacher relationship as well. Meanwhile, Jenna will soon return for another season of Wednesday, reprising the titular role of the series.

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