Klaytn and Finschia blockchains join forces to create Asia’s biggest Web3 platform

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In a move that could significantly impact the Web3 landscape in Asia, the Klaytn and Finschia blockchain foundations have officially merged, creating a combined network touted as the region’s largest.

This news follows closely on the heels of rejecting an earlier proposal in January. However, with overwhelming support from both sides (over 90% and 95% approval from Klaytn and Finschia), the new proposal has paved the way for a joint future.

What does this merger mean?

The combined network boasts over 420 existing dApps and 45+ governance member partners, dwarfing most Asian competitors. This vast ecosystem offers users diverse experiences and developers a large potential market.


The new blockchain will initially be compatible with both Ethereum (EVM chains) and Cosmos (CosmWasm), allowing smooth interaction with current tools and projects. This could attract developers seeking cross-chain solutions.


The proposal outlines a “sustainable tokenomics” approach, suggesting the new network’s native token will prioritize stability and avoid excessive volatility. This could be crucial for attracting institutional investors and fostering long-term trust, reported Crypto Briefing.

Global Reach:

Partnerships with messaging giants Kakao (Klaytn) and LINE (Finschia) grant the combined network access to over 250 million potential Web3 users across Asia. This immense user base could fuel explosive growth.
Project Dragon Takes Flight:

The merger, dubbed “Project Dragon,” is currently underway, with a targeted completion date in Q2 2024. A joint task force will oversee the technical integration and the establishment of a unified foundation in Abu Dhabi.

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