Bobbi Althoff Leaked Video Goes Viral; Podcaster Reveals Clip as AI-Generated and Fake

Bobbi Althoff Reveals Viral Video as AI-Generated Fake

The podcaster Bobbi Althoff appeared to be the latest victim of sexually explicit deepfake videos. On Wednesday, she shared a short clip to her Instagram stories clarifying that an X-rated video that appeared to feature her had gone viral. However, Althoff, 26, claimed that she had never filmed the video and instead said it was AI-generated.

According to the Really Good Podcast host — who previously had to deny rumors that she slept with the rapper Drake — her face had been stitched onto a video of a nude woman pleasuring herself, which was then was shared widely on X (formerly Twitter). As of Wednesday afternoon, the social media site appears to have limited some searches for the video.

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Althoff cleared the air by posting a screenshot of her name trending on X in an Instagram Stories post. ‘Hate to disappoint you all, but the reason I’m trending is 100% not me & is definitely AI generated,‘ she wrote. In a follow-up post, she clarified further while keep the camera trained on her face as she took a walk. ‘Guys, funny story.

Yesterday I went on X — Twitter — and I saw that I was trending, and I was like, “Oh my god, that’s a first. I’m trending on Twitter. You guys must really love my podcast,”‘ she said.

But her reaction was ‘What the f*** is this?’ once she clicked on her name and discovered the explicit video. ‘I felt like it was a mistake or something,’ Althoff said.

‘I thought it was bots or something, didn’t realize that it was actually people believing that that was me.’She added that her ‘whole PR team’ had called her up to confirm if the video was ‘real.’ ‘[It’s] not me. Sorry to disappoint, but what the f***?’ she declared while rapping up. ‘That was so graphic, too. … I had to cover my eyes.’

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Many people who had viewed the offending video quickly noted on social media that it appeared to be a fake. Althoff’s face had an eerie, waxy look that contrasted with the video, and it appeared to move its mouth in a jarring, mechanical fashion while making passionate noises. The podcaster is the mother of two daughters, whom she calls Richard and Concrete, in public venues to protect their privacy.

She shares the children with her estranged husband, Cory Althoff, who filed for divorce earlier this month. The move came six months after she was swept up in rumors that she had had an affair with the rapper Drake after she mysteriously deleted a popular podcast episode that he had appeared on.

Although she has not explained why the episode was deleted, she denied the rumors that the two had had a relationship. Eagle-eyed fans noticed after the podcast episode had been removed that both Drake and Bobbi appeared to have unfollowed each other on Instagram, suggesting a fallout of some kind.

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