Pakistani Singer’s On-Air Slap Over ‘Honeymoon’ Question Sparks Outrage

Pakistani Singer's On-Air Slap Over 'Honeymoon' Question Sparks Outrage

Viral video shows Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor getting into a heated altercation with co-host on live television. Shazia Manzoor, the renowned Pakistani singer, delivered a resounding slap to her co-host during a fiery exchange on a private channel’s program.

Making her appearance on ‘Public Demand’ as a guest, Manzoor, who had previously pulled off a prank on the same show’s hosts, including Mohsin Abbas Haider, unleashed her fury on comedian and co-host Sherry Nanha for crossing the line with his remarks. Shazia, I would directly take you to Monte Carlo for our honeymoon after our marriage. Will you tell me which class you would like to travel to?” Nanha jestingly asked, triggering Manzoor’s ire and leading to the unexpected altercation.

She continued to express her frustration, admonishing Nanha for his inappropriate remarks. “Last time also you behaved like this, and I let you portray my act as a prank and covered it up but this time I am serious. Is this how you talk to women? You are saying ‘Honeymoon’.”

The tension escalated until the intervention of the host, Haider, who attempted to diffuse the situation. He sternly reminded Nanha to stick to the script and avoid improvisation to prevent such incidents in the future. In a huff, the singer stormed out of the studio, declaring her reluctance to return to the show.

Here’s the Video:

The emergence of video footage on the internet has fueled speculation about the incident’s authenticity, with some questioning whether it was staged.

“Probably, that has been produced or adapted for the stage and contrived for a desired impression! speculated one observer. “It turned out to be a prank in the end,” remarked another user.

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