iPhone 5S and IPhone 5C price in India, review and features

iPhone 5S and IPhone 5C, are all set to launch in India on November 1, 2013. The prices have been revealed on Oct 15.

Apple has already decided to discontinue the iPhone 5 and the phone will soon be history. For the first time, Apple has decided to completely discontinue a product off their list instead of giving it a reasonable price-cut.

new iphone

The basic iPhone is now the iPhone 4S as iPhone 4 has also been discontinued. Apple clearly wants to push their current model of the iPhones inspite of the stronghold of iPhone 5. Check the complete review here.

For a cheaper variant, the iPhone 4S which is currently available at Rs 38,500 can be bought about Rs 7000 cheaper, at Rs 31,500. iPhone 4S has features like Siri and voice navigation system.

Airtel, Reliance to sell iPhone 5C

iPhone 5 did not bring any major changes except the Apple Maps which was a failure but the hardware had been improved. iPhone 5C, also called the “budget” phone, was launched by Apple clearly as a replacement for iPhone 5.

Both share the same specifications; hence it wouldn’t have made any sense for Apple to sell iPhone 5 at low rates while selling the iPhone 5C for high prices.

Reliance, which is partnering with Apple has announced the prices of iPhone 5C and 5S as below:

iPhone 5S 16 GB: Rs 53,500
iPhone 5S 32 GB: Rs 62,500
iPhone 5S 64 GB: Rs 71,500
iPhone 5C 16 GB: Rs 41,900
iPhone 5C 32 GB: Rs 53,500

Watch the demo video:

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