Braless Katie Price freaking at night in London

As reported glamour model Katie Price was seen this weekend enjoying a night out at London’s Whiskey Mist.

Braless Katie Price freaking at night in London

Katie appeared to be in high spirits and seemed back after her last month’s break up with ex-fiancé Leandro Penna. She was also seen kissing a man and a woman outside the party venue.

Interestingly, Katie decided to go braless and showed her breasts for the night out. She wore tight fitting black top of see through material without wearing a bra inside and matched it with a pair of leggings with golden sides.

Katie was surrounded by her male friends who hold her hands while leaving the nightclub. However, before getting into a car she broke free of her friends and went near a man and his female friend and kissed them both.

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She seemed to be enjoying all the attention and new found freedom after her split from Leandro Penna.

She was known as the famous topless model on Page Three in a British newspaper The Sun. She instantly shot to fame and was in the limelight

Last year, Price gave birth to her fourth child, a boy. The child was born eight weeks premature by caesarian.