Warcraft pulls in staggering $46 million on its opening day in China

Grossing a staggering $46 million on its opening day in China, Warcraft has rocked the Chinese box office. It has beaten the previous record holder “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($28.3 million in premier) in terms of non-weekend launch within the industry.

As of now, the staggering number accounts for shows before 10 p.m. on Wednesday, as reported by Variety. As the late night show results are included, the number will increase for sure.

Analysts are speculating that the ‘video game adaptation’ might be able to garner a massive $150 million within just 5 days of its release in China.

The record opening has helped Imax to generate a new record in terms of ticket sales. Surpassing the $4.7 million mark set by “Furious 7”, “Warcraft” has lifted the mark to $5.3 million.

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‘Conjuring 2’ which is apparently going to compete with ‘Warcraft’ is up for a release this week. Opening on Friday in North America, the film is expected to garner $25 million during the entire week, which is pretty low considering the fact that its budget was over $100 million.

In addition, the producers have spent a considerable amount on its advertisement as well. For the most part, Universal is pushing to distribute the film whereas, in China, Huaxia and China Film Group are the only distributors.

The film definitely needs the support of the foreign audience, unlike Warcraft which is already popular in China because of the ‘World of Warcraft’. This popularity has helped the movie in a tremendous way and is one of the reasons for trade analysts placing their bets on the movie.

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Moreover, even the audience from overseas appear to be more interested in the fantasy adventure as well. The reason being, it is making approx. $75 million within the screening period of three weeks.

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