Happy Birthday Alexandra Daddario; 5 Best Movies Of The Stunning Actress

Alexandra Daddario has established herself as a versatile actress. The actress leaped forward in the entertainment industry by playing the role of Annabeth in the Percy Jackson film series. Alexandra will turn 38 years old on March 16, 2024.

Happy Birthday Alexandra Daddario; 5 Best Movies Of The Stunning Actress

Listed below are her top 5 movies of all time.

‘We Summon the Darkness’

The film was released in 2019 and is one of Alexandra’s best works. Alexandra goes wild in the film and portrays the role of Alexis, a member of a cult group that murders people to instill fear in them and lead them to join their group. However, everything gets messed up when a member of her team stands up against her, and her parents find out about her horrendous activities.

‘Can you keep a Secret?’

The movie is based on a novel by Sophie Kinsella. Although the movie rarely follows the story, it still retains the beauty and charm of the book. Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin portray the characters beautifully.

Daddario takes on the role of Emma, who spills all her hidden secrets on a flight to a random stranger when it hits turbulence. Later on, she learns that the stranger is none other than her boss.

‘When We First Met’

In this Daddario starrer film, the plot revolves around a man who travels back in time to win over the girl he likes who friend-zoned him. He puts in all his efforts to change his fate and capture the girl’s heart. The film is filled with romance and comedy. The film has an IMDb rating of 6.4.

‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians; The Lightning Thief’

The first installment of the Percy Jackson film series, this film was released in 2010. Daddario made a breakthrough in Hollywood through his film. The story follows Percy Jackson’s quest to save his mother and find Zeus’s missing lightning bolt. Daddario played the character of Annabeth and was highly praised for his role.

‘The Choice’

The film boasts an IMDb rating of 6.6 and is Dadario’s highest-rating film. She plays Monica, whom a guy named Travis is casually dating. A Nicholas Sparks novel inspires the film.

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