Is the ‘iPhone Finger’ phenomenon real?; holding an iPhone causes a dent in your finger!

Is the 'iPhone Finger' phenomenon real?; holding an iPhone causes a dent in your finger!

Recently, social media has been buzzing with this phenomenon known as the ‘iPhone finger‘ that causes a dent in your finger. But, what exactly is an iPhone finger? Read below to find out.

More details

iPhone finger doesn’t refer to the use of fingerprints to unlock your device or use it for access. It is this phenomenon that apparently can change the appearance of your pinky finger!
In the TJ Show Podcast, one of the hosts commented on the iPhone finger and said – “The way we hold our phones sometimes with the weight of the phone resting on your pinky finger. So, imagine yourself holding your iPhone in such a manner; that pressure creates a distinct dent, hence the term “iPhone finger.”

This declaration took the whole internet by storm and people couldn’t help but wonder whether they have iPhone fingers.
There is a simple trick to find out whether one has an iPhone finger. You need to hold both your little fingers and observe them. If there is any slight disparity on your dominant hand’s pinky finger such as an indentation, then you have got iPhone finger!

Netizens’ reaction to iPhone finger

After the video went viral, one user sarcastically commented – “I got Samsung finger.”
Another wrote – “Why iPhone finger and not just phone finger?”
“I have an android finger”, quipped a third.

One user denied this absurd phenomenon and said – “Can you all stop? This is not true. Your pinky fits next to your ring finger. It’s not bent.”

Another user brought some relief to the worried iPhone users and suggested – “I shouldn’t worry about it. When we used to write with pens, those of us who used a pen a lot would get an indentation on our middle finger. But I haven’t written anything a lot in years and the indentation has gone. So if you’re bothered, stop resting your phone like that. Your finger will go back to normal.”

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