‘Godless’ Android malware spreading In India

A study report which came out on June 25, 2016, states that a smartphone malware named “Godless” has infiltrated into more than 8,50,000 android devices in all corners of the world. Interestingly, half of the devices which were attacked are in India.

According to the crucial date collected from Mobile Application Reputation Service from Trend Micro, it has been confirmed that malicious apps which are related to Godless are even found in Google’s Play Store.

Experts claim that the Godless family is capable in rooting your devices. Rooting in this scenario means removing all the barriers created by manufacturers.

godles android

If your smartphone is being rooted, it voids your warranty and makes it vulnerable to more security threats. Malware in Godless are extremely dangerous, and they have the capability to use multiple exploits to hack into your device.

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Industry experts claim that Godless malware can target any android device which runs on Android 5.1 lollipop and its predecessors. New studies indicate that more than 90% of the android devices in the hands of customers are prone to this malware attack.

Technological experts predict that the strength of this threat will get reduced as more devices get marshmallow operating system.

As of now, there are 1.4 billion smartphones in the globe, and 8,50,000 out of this is a mere .06%. The percentage of attack are higher in India just because the country has a mammoth population.

Industry pundits believe that the threat posed by these malicious worms will not last long, as more advanced security systems are getting introduced to the cyber arena in a regular manner.

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