Infosys employee murdered in Chennai: CCTV footage to help identify killer

A 24-year old female employee from Infosys in Chennai was murdered in plain sight at Nungambakkam railway platform. A special team comprising of 8 senior officials have been put together to identify and convict the murdered.

At around 6:45AM on June 24th, Swathi was confronted by a boy while she waited for the train at the railway platform.

Witnesses report that the boy and she were seen having an argument after which the boy simply took out a sickle and hacked her.

Swathi sustained injuries from the blade on her neck and on her face. The boy that attacked her fled the scene immediately.

Swathi died on the railway platform with no aid from onlookers. The railway officials have released CCTV footage in order the aid the authorities in looking for the murderer.

Infosys employee murdered in Chennai killer

Two sets of footage have been found with the accused boy wearing a bag. The first part shows him entering the railway platform while the second displays his fleeing the scene of Swathi’s murder.

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Due to similar instances in the past, both railway officers and government police personnel were ordered to patrol the railway-lines that were most susceptible to weakened safety for women.

Due to the current elections, patrolling officials were not at the designated posts and this will change from now on. The presence of these patrol men have been known to reduce the number of crimes in these areas in the past.