300 couples in Arkansas getting married for free before the April 8 Solar Eclipse!

300 couples in Arkansas getting married for free before the April 8 Solar Eclipse!

On April 8, 2024, Arkansas in the US will witness a total solar eclipse. The celestial event will attract visitors from around the globe.
A festival named “Total Eclipse of the Heart” will be organized in Russellville, Arkansas, for couples who wish to get married on this particular day. To the event organizer, Rodney William’s surprise is that around 300 couples have registered for the festival. It is understandable since it will be a lifelong magical memory.

Perks being provided for getting married

Officially, the wedding will be free of any charge. The bride and groom must register their marriage and attend the event. Everything will be organized for free, from the wedding officiant to food and drinks to the wedding decor.

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Referring to the overwhelming number of couples who signed up for the collective wedding, Rodney exclaimed – “the event has grown way above my original expectations.”

There will also be amusing activities at the wedding for the enjoyment of the couples, such as hot air balloon rides, rock climbing, etc. 30 live bands were booked to perform at the event to turn the couples’ wedding into a fun ceremony.

“I think the emotions from seeing the eclipse take place are just going to be a synergistic effect that heightens everything and brings tears to the eyes. Seeing the smiling faces and hopefully seeing stars and just being a part of that is going to make me happy”, Rodney affirmed.

The couple travels 500 miles for the wedding.

Carlotta Cox and Matthew Holloway, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, traveled over 500 miles for their wedding event because they believed it would be a unique story to share down generations.

Carlotta said – “Being in the path of totality during a solar eclipse is just something.┬áThere’s not an experience like it. When totality hits, the cicadas come out, and then all the other animals, night animals, start to come out for a few minutes and then the temperature drops. I don’t know how to explain the feeling it gives you.”

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