‘Files Of The Unexplained’ OTT Review; a series on real-life paranormal events!

'Files Of The Unexplained' OTT Review; a series on real-life paranormal events!

The horror series – ‘Files of the Unexplained’ premiered on Netflix April 3, 2024.
The documentary series depicts narrations of eerie events by people who have experienced them.


The series portrays events that occurred in Pascagoula in Mississippi, Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville in Louisiana, Lake Lanier in Georgia, Mount Shasta in California, events in Washington State, and the Salish Sea situated in British Columbia. 

The series is based on actual and unusual events experienced by real-life people. It is certainly not a work of fiction.

It talks about guests at Myrtle Plantation who claim to have seen unearthly apparitions. It also talks of unusual drownings in Georgia that occurred in a row. The series also delves into an alien abduction in Mississippi, the US government’s venture into investigating more than 650 unidentified objects, etc. The whole series consists of 8 episodes in total.

About the Trailer

The trailer opens with news of – “two local men confronted authorities with a rather bizarre story. The two men told of a strange craft and being taken aboard by three unearthly creatures.”
As the trailer moves forward, we find other people narrating tales of mysterious disappearances, spotting strange glutinous blobs, 21 feet washed ashore out of nowhere, and sightings of apparitions. Some people even can be seen questioning their sanity. The trailer ends with a person saying – “When the simple is not the explanation, you have to go for the extraordinary.”

The eight episodes consist of 8 different stories that are bizarre and shocking. The docuseries will also feature eyewitness testimonies, expert opinions, and interviews.
The official synopsis of the series read – “Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events, and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative docuseries. From the creators of Explained, this chilling docuseries invites you to fall down the rabbit hole.”

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