3 brands that offer the best entertainment experience and also value for money

Three brands that offer the best entertainment experience and also value for money

According to Statista (a German online platform specializing in data gathering and visualization), the projected revenue for the Home Entertainment market worldwide is estimated to reach US$14.6bn this year. Trends signal that as users focus more on multi-room, smart devices like projectors and televisions may lose their importance in the home entertainment market. We, however, have picked the most innovative options in the television and projector segments that offer both value for money, stunning visual and audio clarity, and an array of new-age features. 

Formovie THEATRE (4K UHD ALPD®4.0 Laser Projector) 

Missing the larger-than-life blockbuster experience at home? Bring home Formovie THEATRE and savor everything from major sporting events and favorite shows to the latest cinematic superhit on an expansive 120-inch screen. 

This is a portable, multiroom device that you can take anywhere, unlike a large TV, which occupies large square footage and is not flexible. Formovie also offers true-to-life immersive viewing with stunning picture quality, great contrast, HDR10 handling, and sharpness. 

It also offers matchless connectivity with multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, LAN connection, and eARC compatibility for sound systems. It additionally boasts Android TV Integration for a smart TV experience. With Bowers & Wilkins speakers, the projector offers crystal clear audio that transports you right into the heart of the unfolding action.

It is priced at ₹3,79,999 and is available at Formovie.in

Samsung 77S90C TV:

This sleek, slim, smart TV offers vibrant colors, bright HDR images, and excellent color accuracy. It also accommodates next-generation gaming features and includes 4K at 144Hz, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) support. The TV has a bezel-less screen, making it truly pleasing to the eye. It utilizes Tizen, a Linux-based open-source operating system (OS) developed by Samsung and Intel and has a full-screen homepage for smooth navigation and customization. Its low input lag makes it highly responsive for serious gamers. 

It is priced at ₹4,29,990 and available at Samsung India Website. 

Sony XR-75X93L TV:

If you want the ultimate smart TV experience, choose the Sony XR-75X93L, which offers dazzling picture quality, crisp and bright HDR performance, perfect black levels, and outstanding color accuracy. Its ‘Motion Resolution’ provides picture-perfect color resolution and HDR tone mapping. With its sleek design, the TV is also perfect for modern households. This is also one of the smartest gizmos and powered by Google TV. It supports HDMI 2.1 features like eARC, variable refresh rate, auto low-latency mode and also offers immersive sound with minimal audible distortion.

It is priced at ₹6,38,094.00 and available at Ubuy

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