Who is Larissa Bonesi? Is Aryan Khan Dating the Brazilian Bombshell

Is Aryan Khan Dating the Brazilian Bombshell

In the ever-evolving landscape of celebrity news, the latest buzz comes from the potential romantic link-up between Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, and Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi.

The rumor mills started churning when observant netizens noticed Aryan’s social media interactions with Larissa and her family members, sparking speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Aryan Khan, who is carving his own path with a directorial debut, has been under the public eye for his professional endeavors and personal life. The recent social media activity where Aryan followed Larissa and her family, coupled with the gift of a D’YAVOL X jacket to Larissa’s mother, has fueled the fire of these dating rumors.

In this case, the interest is heightened by Aryan’s high-profile background and Larissa’s rising fame.

For Aryan Khan, the focus remains on his upcoming directorial project, Stardom. Which is sure to garner attention for its creative merit.

Speaking with GQ India, Aryan said, “They’re both creatively stimulating in different ways. As the creative director of the brand, I shoot the ads, as well as oversee the photoshoots. I’m very involved creatively, but not as much when it comes to the logistics. On the other hand, as a director I have to look into every detail, every shot and every angle.”

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