Cardiologist Dr. Ziar creates history in Palakkad District Hospital

Dr. Ziar, the cardiac surgeon who works in Palakkad District Hospital, Kerala is creating history as he along with his team has conducted more than 3000 surgical procedures in the past eighteen months.

The 49-year-old medical practitioner, through his impeccable service, has provided a ray of hope for people who depends on Government Hospitals due to their poor financial background.

Dr. Ziar considers medical practice as a service, he is not at all bothered about the financial benefits. He has previously received mammoth offers from various private hospitals in the state, but due to his service mentality, he turned down all the offers.

Dr siar

The Palakkad District Hospital is the first hospital of its class to have the most advanced cath lab facility. The District Panchayat gave all necessary funds to the hospital trusting the credibility of Ziar. However, the cardiologist kept his promises, and has lived up to the expectations.

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Ziar joined the District Hospital in 1997 as a physician. The cath lab facility was introduced here in 2014, and from then the hospital has been witnessing huge pull both in OP and IP.

Many people from neighboring districts which include Thrissur and Malappuram are also reaching the hospital to avail treatment from this blessed doctor.

In this short span of time, the doctor has performed 1800 Angioplasties and 100 pacemaker plantations. All this happened just because of the service mentality of this cardiologist.

Dr. Ziar is now staying in Kunnathurmedu, Palakkad. His wife Binu is working as a medical practitioner in Armed Reserve Police Camp.

At this juncture, we convey our wishes to this doctor, and we hope that his future endeavors will also turn fruitful.

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