India’s famous ghost hunter Gaurav Tiwari death mystery not solved yet

Gaurav Tiwari, the young man who led his life in solving umpteen numbers of unsolved mysteries has now said Adios to this physical world in the most mysterious manner.

On July 07, 2016, Gaurav, CEO and founder of the Indian Paranormal Society was found dead in his bathroom of his Dwaraka flat.

Police officials believe that it is a suicide, but Gaurav’s family is quite clueless, as the young man was settled in both his personal and professional life, and there was no need of ending the life.

India's Most Famous Ghost Hunter '

The official website of the Indian Paranormal Society claims that Gaurav has visited more than 6000 haunted places, and is a certified ghost hunter. He has also conducted investigations on UFOs and other mysterious creatures.

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Yesterday, in an exclusive talk with the Times Of India, Uday Tiwari, father of the paranormal investigator told that the young man has been fearing a negative force for the past couple of months.

Uday added that his son has informed his better half about a pulling force which pulls him towards it. Unfortunately, Gaurav’s wife ignored this, as she believed that the strange thoughts is due to depression and workload.

Surendra Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, on North Delhi has registered a case under 174 CrPC. The investigation is currently going on in a steady pace.

Tiwari first started studying on paranormal activities when he faced setback while living in a haunted home. Later, he completed various paranormal courses, and became a certified expert.

The 32-year-old man has also hosted various TV shows which include Boot Aaya and Fear Files.

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