Watch: Malaika Arora Dazzles in Black Bralette, Breaks the Internet with Yoga Expertise

Malaika Arora Dazzles in Black Bralette, Breaks the Internet with Yoga Expertise

Malaika Arora set a health goal with a viral video on World Health Day.

Malaika Arora is the icon of fashion and fitness. This stunning model sperm dancer oozes glamor with her impeccable style.

Usually, the Bollywood diva is seen wearing gym wear whenever she steps out for a quick workout. She is equally appreciated for her passion for fitness. Following this approach, in her latest campaign on the occasion of World Health Day, she not only sets health goals but also explains the simplicity of yoga.

Malaika Arora Dazzles in Black Bralette, Breaks the Internet with Yoga Expertise

News18 reported, Malaika Arora posted a video on her Instagram account on Sunday, in which she can be seen doing different yoga poses. She wore a black top and gray yoga pants before doing a few exercises at the gym.

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Needless to say, his change earned him praise from fans and netizens alike. He added the following caption to his post: “Today is #WorldHealthDay.”

Recently, the actor’s video dedicated to helping the child was published on social media. In the video, Malaika is seen saving the baby from the dog.

Try playing with the child. However, this move did not go down well with netizens, who began accusing the photographer of seeing the dog in a bad light.

About video

In the video, we see Malaika taking the child to a corner and trying to save him from the dog. Even though the dog plays with the child, he is afraid of him. The actor gently slapped the young man, gently pushed the dog away with one hand, and took the young man into a corner.

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The description accompanying the video reads: “Malaika’s warm heart saves a child from an attacking dog who gets scared when the dog tries to play with him.” After this video was released, it quickly became the rage of netizens. Believing that the dog did not kill the child, but tried to play with the child. Malaika Arora was at her mother’s house with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor in the early hours of Monday.

In the video, Arjun is seen wearing a black t-shirt with jeans as he arrives at Malaika’s mother’s house for the ceremony. He has a beard and looks stylish. Malaika’s sister, Amrita Arora also accompanied the couple to the party. The video of the couple getting into the car after the ceremony was also published online.

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